Who We Are

Once upon a time....(December 2018) a man called Adam made some personalised photo prints for family members and using Photoshop and some frames from IKEA. The personal touch went down so well, they were then listed on a social media marketplace. It was like a frenzy, the prints were like bait to a hungry group of sharks! By the 9th of January 2019, Adam and his wife Amy could see something big happening as message after message pinged through. And Printstagram was born!

Fast forward since those early days just 2 years ago, Printstagram has gone from a £50 Epson printer, creating ‘craft’ style products in our old conservatory, to spending thousands on new, state of the art equipment, offering more professionally products items, and now with official licenses…but Whether it’s an in-joke, or to remember a special day – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got little gifts, for celebrating the big move to a brand new house, or big gifts to celebrate the little moments; check out our website to find out more.

Design Quality

Designing is what we love best, it's how
we started. So we're constantly coming up
with new ideas to show the love.

Highly recommended

We spend very little on marketing
so most of our customers come via
word of mouth, which is the BEST way
of getting your name out there!

Made With Love

We sell items we'd love to receive ourselves,
so our absolute heart and soul goes into
every product.

Meet Our Team

Adam PreeceFounder & CEO

Amy PreeceCOO & Customer Services Manager

Rosie PreeceMess Maker & Little Know It All

The world's premium design brands in one destination.

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